A California Wine Vision Realized

Rick Cooper and Rodney Alex have partnered to make an world class wine from the legendary Doug Rafanelli Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley.

The Alex Cooper Project is committed to pride in terroir and process. Our wines will never hide behind anything. Low alcohol, no new wood,and unfortunately no castle-like winery.. We believe in highlighting the best of a specific region, crushing and vinting with integrity, and then standing back and letting the outstanding result stand on its own. Through patience and perseverance we are finally able to present our labor of love and passion to you with our first vintages: 2010 "Doug Rafanelli  Vineyard" Red Table Wine, and the 2010 Cantelya. 

In these long-awaited bottles is the remarkable embodiment of some powerful, yet elegant, advice mentor Guy Davis gave Rodney, who was obsessing over how long it takes to get from harvest to glass: 

"At some point, you have to stop trying to make wine and let the wine take care of itself." 

We’ve followed his advice and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.